Although anesthesia has become safer over the years, there are some animals that, because of their medical condition/s or age, are not good candidates for anesthesia. Teeth cleaning remains a priority for these animals and I am able to offer this service anesthesia-free. The earlier teeth cleaning can be started on an animal, the more likely we can minimize or prevent the onset of periodontal disease which could lead to cardiac, hepatic and renal problems later in life.

Understanding that there are cases in which teeth cleaning with the use of anesthesia is necessary, I also realize that there are many situations in which anesthesia is not necessary, and I offer this alternative to pet owners.

JoEllen Craglione
Mandy & Theo

I have found that an increasing number of pet owners appreciate having a choice in their pet’s dental health and seem to be more willing to have their pet’s teeth cleaned at more frequent intervals because anesthesia-free cleaning is more cost effective and safe.

I have studied and been trained in teeth cleaning by professional hygienists and have worked alongside a registered dental assistant for several years. I have certificates in animal behavior and communication. I have studied with internationally recognized animal communication specialist Penelope Smith and animal behavior specialist Maureen Hall.

I currently work in several veterinarians' offices in Southern California and clean the teeth of their client's pets as well as their own personal pets. I receive referrals from both veterinarians and my satisfied patient's parents. I handle my appointments at various Southern California locations and am able to make house calls if necessary.

I have a kind, loving approach with all my pet patients.